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Omid Kazemijazi is an Italian-Iranian singer, classically trained singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer based in London.

In Modena,Italy, he came into deep contact with the indie reality, making 7 EPs and 2 LPs with different bands: Feedback (EP 2000), Water In Face (2 EP 2005/06), Supravisitor (3 EP 2008/09) Omid Jazi (EP 2012 and 2 LP 2013/15).

From 2014 he moved to London where he immediately created a network of contacts by recording and producing artists in the underground scene.

A collaboration with his friend and talented sound engineer Shuta Shinoda (2016), would birth the recordings that would lead to the songs making his new solo project under the name of Kazemijazi, released on October 29th entitled "Music for Blind People".

"Music for Blind People ''

Recorded between Hackney Road Studios and their home studio in 2019, the album, a double, had a strong synth-pop center of gravity. After playing it live with a power trio, Kazemijazi however decided to add more live drums, guitars and bass, re-tuning the mix towards a more organic and powerful sound. After the completed master of the songs, "Music for Blind People", is the first part of this creature that is finally ready to see the light.

Kazemijazi's music is DIY Bedroom Rock and integrates distorted dimensions with cosmic sounds. Its sound is influenced by Depeche Mode and Beach House, with a shoegaze component akin to My Bloody Valentine which can also be heard in the background, grafted onto the most prominent synth-pop. Among the sparks that ignited the engine of this project we find both the mythological Tiresias and the book "The Chemical Wedding" by Christian Rosenkreutz and as the artist's favorite themes are artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics and dystopian society, Kazemijazi declares: " I'm really happy to have completed this first part of the new project. 'Music for Blind People' has allowed me once again to immerse myself in the search for the difference between consciousness and awareness, a research that has always amazed me and pushes me further ".

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Kazemijazi Live - 93 Feet East - London 2020
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